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Welcome to Psilocybe Inc.

Psilocybe provides a variety of services related to research including statistical analysis and publication assistance of research results. As a one-employee company (with a dog), Psilocybe can accept a limited amount of work. Psilocybe does not currently accept orders without a referral. Your understanding is appreciated.


Psilocybe’s mission

Psilocybe’s mission is to create new worldview for this era through a love of intellect and life.

Company overview

Name Psilocybe Inc.
Founded Mar 24, 2009
Number of employees 1
Capital 5 JPY as of Jan 1, 2014
Headquarters 237 Sano Higashi-Ohmi Shiga Japan
CEO Tamaki Sono

Business lineup

  • Clinical research and survey assistance
  • Statistical analysis of research data
  • Publication assistance of research results
  • Website design, development, and administration
  • Design and handcrafting of modern curios


  • Nishio, M., Sono, T., Ishiguro, T., Horiuchi, K., & Ambo, H. (2014). How many Assertive Community Treatment Teams are Needed in Japan? Estimate from Need Survey in Sendai City Clin Pract Epidemiol Ment Health, 10, 184-190.
  • Oshima, I., Sono, T., Bond, G. R., Nishio, M., & Ito, J. (2014). A randomized controlled trial of individual placement and support in Japan. Psychiatr Rehabil J, 37(2), 137-143.
  • Miyamoto Y, & Sono T. (2012). Lessons from peer support among individuals with mental health difficulties: a review of the literature. Clin Pract Epidemiol Ment Health, 8, 22-29.
  • Sono T, Oshima I, Ito J, Nishio M, Suzuki Y, et al. (2012) Family Support in Assertive Community Treatment: An Analysis of Client Outcomes. Community Ment Health J 48: 463-470.
  • Ito J, Oshima I, Nishio M, Sono T, Suzuki Y, et al. (2011) The effect of Assertive Community Treatment in Japan. Acta Psychiatr Scand 123: 398-401.

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CEO’s Bio

Tamaki Sono is Founder/CEO of Psilocybe inc. He was born in Shiga, Japan in August, 1979. He earned his PhD in Health Sciences from the Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo in March 2009. You can download his thesis at here. If you would like to know more about him, please check out his websites listed below.

 CEO’s career

  • Chief priest, Hotsugwanji. (May 2019 -)
  • CEO, Psilocybe inc. (Mar 2009 -)
  • Research fellow , Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, National Institute of Mental Health, NCNP (Sep 2006 – Aug 2009)
  • Ph.D. in Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo (Apr 2006 – Mar 2009)
  • Master of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo (Apr 2004 – Mar 2006)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo (Apr 1998 – Mar 2004)
  • Hikone-Higashi high school (Apr 1995 – Mar 1998)

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